For the past month, we’ve been using Resparkle Natural Dishwashing Liquid personally in our own kitchen at home. It’s had exposure to everything that could be asked of a dishwashing liquid, having been tested on everything from milky glassware to oily curries and greasy roasting pans.


With it’s pleasant, slightly astringent scent and easy to use pump action bottle, this product really held it’s own.

The first thing we noticed was that it didn’t produce lots of suds like the most ‘traditional’ dishwashing liquids do. This didn’t seem to matter though, because it still had no problem cleaning a thick layer of chicken fat off the bottom of a roasting pan. We soon learned that simply following the manufacturer’s instructions did work – they advise that some quick agitation of the water with a dish brush or sponge would assist with bubble production if we really felt it was necessary. A quick little bit of swishing around, and there were plenty of bubbles to help make us feel ‘normal’ again.

For some of our more challenging dirty dishes, some extra ‘cut-through’ was needed – a couple of quick extra pumps onto the sponge solved the problem quickly and easily.

Everything we washed with this product dried streak-free and without any oily residues left behind.

Too often, we expect natural cleaning products to be sub-standard in performance somehow – we fear that either they won’t work, or we’ll have to use twice as much product just to get a result comparable to a conventional product. Resparkle Natural Dishwashing Liquid was certainly not in that category at all – Resparkle Natural Dishwashing Liquid was certainly not in that category at all – in fact, the performance was just as good as our regular dishwashing liquid we’d been using for 4 years!


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At $8.20 for a 515mL bottle, it is more expensive than conventional (read chemical laden) dishwashing liquids. Of course though, for under $10 you’re getting the full benefit of going chemical free on a substance that cleans the items you eat your food off.


Benefits of Resparkle Natural Dishwashing Liquid

  • 100% Natural. No toxic chemical residues (Ever!)
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin. Does not dry your hands.
  • Effectively cuts through grease in pots and pans. Cleans without streaks
  • Ultra-concentrated formula
  • Smells amazing! Scented with Sweet Orange & Pine Essential Oils
  • Every purchase gives 1 Ethiopian access to clean water for a day.


Ingredients in Resparkle Organic Dishwashing Liquid

Purified Water, Coco Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside, Guar Gum, Glyceryl Caprylate, Natural Benzyl Alcohol (derived from Cinnamon oil), Citric Acid, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Pine Essential Oil.


Where to buy


Purchase from Resparkle’s website

The Cleaning Emporium - Resparkle Natural Dishwashing Liquid

          Resparkle Natural Dishwashing Liquid 


About Resparkle Australia


Resparkle is about people and planet; ethics over profit, so they are leading the way in trading toxin-laden home care for organic non-toxic cleaning products. Resparkle wants to stamp out rising illness and reset in-home habits to drive healthier people, communities and planet.

When you put organic Resparkle home care to work, you:

  • Eliminate unnecessary plastic waste
  • Shrink your own and your community’s collective carbon footprint
  • Prevent toxic chemicals entering our waterways
  • Make a positive and direct difference to the less fortunate through our charity initiatives.

Resparkle products are proudly manufactured right here in Australia.

The Cleaning Emporium - Resparkle Australia NASAA Certification


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