August is the month where our minds really start to turn away from winter and toward spring.

It IS still winter, but it’s not footy finals, it’s not yet outdoor entertaining season, it’s not beach season, and there are no significant holidays or long weekends.

It’s a bit of a nothing month really.

Which makes it PERFECT for really getting organised on the cleaning and home maintenance front.

Here are some useful things you can do in August to clean and maintain your home before spring cleaning officially starts.


Deal with pests first

1.Organise your annual pest inspection & spray

This is a great task to get out of the way first.

Getting this done in August means there’s less risk of it falling off the radar as the calendar gets busier towards the end of the year.

You’ll also be informed of any maintenance issues early, and you’ll deal with less creepy crawlies during spring and summer.


Prepare for storm & bushfire season


2. Clean & repair gutters

Grab a ladder, gloves, and a bucket.

Systematically work along each gutter, scraping and removing debris and build-up.

Note any sections that need replacing or repair, and schedule this to be done as soon as possible.

If you don’t want to do this yourself, many roofing, window washing and pressure cleaning businesses offer this service.

Consider your location and bushfire risk – would your home benefit from gutter guard?

If so, August is a good time to organise a quote from a local installer.

The Cleaning Emporium - Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

3. Have trees inspected and pruned

Dead and rotting trees and branches can pose a serious safety risk during heavy rains and storms.

They can fall on to people and property without warning, especially after heavy rainfall when they absorb water and become too heavy to support their own weight any longer, or the combination of soft ground and high winds loosen their hold in the ground.

Booking an arborist or tree-lopper now may save several weeks of waiting as the season gets busier.


Get ready for outdoor entertaining

4. Oil your deck and outdoor furniture

Another good one to get out of the way early.

In many areas, August provides clear, dry days, which are perfect for oiling without too much moisture interfering with the drying process.


Lay the foundations for spring gardening

5. Organise a garden clean up

A garden clean-up is a great way to get rid of dead plants, broken pots and/or garden furniture, and generally clear the way so you can see what you need to do for spring.

Either organise a working bee with friends & family or contact a reputable local business to do a clean up for you.


Service what keeps you cool in summer

6. Organise for your air conditioning to be serviced

Contact a qualified professional to clean & service your air-conditioning units or ducted air system.

The Cleaning Emporium Airconditioning Cleaning and Servicing

7. Have your pool inspected & filter system serviced

Another one you’ll thank yourself for dealing with now, instead of getting caught up in the September rush.

Any repairs can be scheduled in good time and you’ll go into swimming season knowing everything is in good working order.


Deal with the garage & hard rubbish

8. Clean out your garage

Garages often turn into year-round dumping grounds – they’re like the ‘too hard basket’ for big, unwanted household items, broken outdoor furniture and garden items, and well, just junk really.

A good clean out of the garage in August will really give you a head start on spring.

It might even make you some money if you have things you can sell, or provide up-cycle ideas for spring decorating.


9. Arrange a council pick-up

After the garage clean-out, you’ll need it!

Seriously though, now IS a good time to look around your home and get all the hard rubbish out for collection.

Most councils now provide a booking service through their website.


Make sure you can actually see spring when it arrives

10. clean your windows

This is not a popular job with most people, so it’s easy to put off.

Pick a dry day and grab your bucket and squeegee, or contact a window cleaning business to do it for you.

While you’re at it, note any damaged window frames, flyscreens or screen doors, and arrange to have them replaced or repaired. Often, a window cleaning businesses will be able to arrange this for you.

The Cleaning Emporium - Window Cleaning

So there you have it!

A little bit of cleaning and home maintenance in August, will have you well and truly organised for the spring and summer months ahead.

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