September is the official opening of spring cleaning season.

But there’s spring cleaning, and then there’s SPRING CLEANING.

Like on a whole other, once-a-year level – the way good spring cleaning should be.

Spring cleaning is meant to be that full-on, nothing-left-untouched type of cleaning – here are the 10 things that absolutely have to be on your spring cleaning checklist if you want to do it properly.

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Make sure these are on your spring cleaning checklist


1. Ceiling fans

Look up, and you’ll find a place where dust has been king all year!

Ceiling fans can be the ultimate in unnoticed filth.

We’ve listed this job first, as it’s best to start at the top of a room and work your way down to lower items so that falling dust will not re-contaminate clean items below.

A quick way to clean ceiling fans is to use an old pillowcase: place the pillowcase over the fan blade and pull towards you – the dust will fall into the pillowcase. You can then wipe the blades with a damp microfibre cloth and empty the pillowcase into the garbage.

Spring Cleaning Ceiling Fans


2. Exhaust fans

Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom or even the laundry, it’s amazing how much dust, grime and sticky residue build-up in exhaust fans.

Remove covers and fans.  If there is a significant build-up of sticky residue present on, spray with WD40 – it should wipe right off.

Wash in warm soapy water or in the dishwasher on a mild cycle.

Wipe the wall casing/interface with warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth.


3. Light fittings and lamp shades

You’ll be surprised at the layer(s) of dust that has accumulated on your light fittings and lampshades, not to mention the cemetery of dead flies and insects that will undoubtedly be inside some light fittings.

The best thing to do is remove all light fittings and gently wash in warm soapy water, or pop them through a mild cycle in the dishwasher.

To clean lampshades, run a lint roller over the surface to lift dust, or wipe with a damp microfibre cloth.


4. Under-sink areas

Kitchen, bathrooms, laundry – these under-sink areas are absolutely prone to clutter and an accumulation of out-of-date and potentially dangerous chemicals.

Remove all items, thoroughly wipe shelf surfaces, and sort the myriad of spray bottles and chemicals into those to keep and those to be discarded. Discard chemicals as per instructions, or at your local council depot.

Spring clean your under sink area


5. Walls

Clean walls can really make a difference to the look of a room. Often the difference isn’t evident until the work is done and the results can speak for themselves.

Use magic erasers to rub off scuff marks and Tricleanium to remove soot marks from candles and fireplaces.

General dirt and marks can be washed off with sugar soap and hot water.


6. Light switches & powerpoints

Just like under-sink areas are prone to clutter and junk, light switches and powerpoints are the winners when it comes to accumulating fingerprints and sticky marks.

As you progress through each room, be sure to wipe them with warm soapy water, and use a spray of WD40 to remove sticky marks.


7. Doors – frames and backs of doors

It’s amazing how much dirt and dust accumulate not only the front surface of doors but also on the backs of doors – the side that doesn’t even get touched!

Wipe surfaces with warm, soapy water, paying attention to wipe dust build up from the bevelling.


8. Skirting boards (baseboards) & kickboards

Similar to walls and doors, you don’t realise the lift to a room until these are cleaned.

Warm soapy water is again your friend here, and magic erasers will rub off any scuff marks.

Spring Cleaning Skirtingboards


9. Appliances

We don’t mean simply wiping your appliances over, although that will help of course.

Here, we’re talking about proper deep cleaning; like descaling the kettle, coffee maker and washing machine, and making sure that you wipe greasy, grimy electrical cords and jacks.

Don’t forget to clean the kettle stand and underneath the coffee maker!


10. The fridge and microwave – on top of and behind them

Often we simply don’t pay attention to things above eye level, with the consequence being that we don’t think to clean things like the top of the fridge, or the microwave if it’s at an eye-level insert in your kitchen.

Spring is not only time to clean on top of the fridge, but to also move it out and clean behind it. Vacuum away dirt, cobwebs and layers of dust from the floor and walls, and off any exposed coils.

Likewise, unplug and remove your microwave from it’s insert, clean the top and rear casing, and wipe dust and grime from the electrical cord.

Spring Cleaning dust from back of air vent

What else is on your spring cleaning checklist?

Let us know in the comments below.

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