About Us – The Cleaning Emporium

The Cleaning Emporium is a place for people who love the FEELING of a clean, tidy, well-organised house.

Not because we’re clean freaks (not by any means), but because we know that keeping our house running like a well-oiled machine has great practical BENEFITS for everyone who lives there, like:

👉Being able to get out the door on time each morning

👉Not having to scramble to find clean clothes for everyone in the morning

👉Having food in the pantry so you can make dinner when you get home instead of having to fly by the seat of your pants every night

just to name a few.


Intuitively we also know a clean house helps to:

👉Create a tone of positivity and wellbeing

👉 Increase productivity and mental clarity

👉 Reduces stress levels and background anxiety because a decluttered space makes for a decluttered mind.


We love our homes, we like to make sure they’re clean, well presented,  and well maintained – and we appreciate the services that help make that happen.

Whether you’re doing the cleaning and housework yourself, or you already have a cleaner, The Cleaning Emporium is the place where you can find the information, advice, recommendations, products and services you need quickly and easily.


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Our friendly Facebook group, called The Housekeeping Exchange, is a great place to join up for a casual chat, sharing advice, recommendations, real-life stories and also have a bit of a dry laugh about the foibles of running a household.


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Our audience is growing, and we are welcoming new businesses from all around the country right now.

Marketing to find new clients can be hard. List your business in our directory and be found by households needing services in your area. We are looking for residential house cleaners, carpet cleaners, pram & car seat cleaning services, laundry & ironing services, housekeepers, pool cleaners, gutter cleaners and car cleaning services.